Monday, March 30, 2009

here we go again.

Tonight I'm so tired that I'm googling which of the main characters in The L Word are actually gay in real life. I have no idea why I give a shit. Actually, I don't give a shit, I'm just sleepy. Tina is bisexual but married to a man. Everything about the stuff I've read makes me feel kind of sick. My newest housemate has been watching episodes of season one and three in non-chronological order since he moved in. I think it's because he's in a musical and needs to switch off.

I really enjoy him.
Today he fell in love.

"I went to the bakery and asked the boy behind the counter what was in the quishe. He said bacon and egg. I asked for some and he asked me if I wanted it heated it up. I said yeah."

All I ever think about is stickin' it to the man, how much I think I'm stuffing my education further by not reading every possible book in the world (but shoving them down my throat) and fashion. Colour co-ordination never goes out of style but man, I wish it would.

I have had the busiest, most mind-screwing weekend. I don't think I'm okay but I know I will be. I'm "stepping back and looking at the situation" which is actually making me feel quite calm. I spoke to one of my favourite people in the whole world on the telephone as he drove to work. I reckon I'll sleep alright tonight. It's about fucking time.


  1. everyone googles the whether the characters in the L word are gay...
    when i did it, i found out that only alice is 'actually' gay, that is why she is allowed to be 'bi' in the show xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Allowed to be? Oh everything about that show pisses me off. Especially how easy it is to watch when I have the flu!